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A studio is more than an assortment of audio gear, it's a sanctuary. It is a place to get away from the ordinary and where the imagination is liberated and creativity flourishes.

This is where most music ideas are born and then ultimately brought to fruition. Hard work and lots of effort are often required, and yet, almost magically, sometimes it happens with the greatest of ease!

The heart of most studios is the control area.
These days many studios have opted for all-digital gear, but with some 30 years of experience, the conclusion is that combining analog and digital works the best.

Sessions are usually tracked to tape, transferred to a DAW for digital editing, and then back out of the DAW through an analog mixing console and outboard processing gear for the final stereo mixdown.

The stereo mix is often recorded in both analog and digital formats, and the better sounding results are chosen for the final mastering stage.

While there can be an "electronic laboratory" appearance to a studio, it is most certainly anything but that!

Most studios need an assortment of "toys" to meet the wide range of artistic moods and technical requirements that are quite often encountered during a recording session:

* Having a variety of microphone models and types allows for more creative decisions.

* A nice selection of amplifiers, cabinets and guitars provides some of the basic tools.

* The voicing of an organ, piano or synth can add just the right amount of needed "vibe".

* And there's nothing like the sound of a nice drum kit to set the beat and fill out a song!

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